Have albañileria, metalisteria, decoration and more

Serveis i Construcció Prat

Serveis i Construcció Prat is a company of services and construction established in the Prat of Llobregat. Our staff is formed by a squad of professionals: masonry, lampistería, carpentry, metalistería, painting and decoration. This allows us house a big flexibility to the hour to make our work with the security to exert an integral service in any type of work.

We know better that anybody the difficult that is to take a decision to set up a work and the doubts that assault us to the hour to undertake a reform. The confidence, the security and the quality of the professionals are indispensable elements when we stir the election of the company chosen. Therefore in Serveis i Construcció Prat spend 25 years giving him form to the illusion of each one of our clients.

Besides, Serveis i ConstruccióPrathas his own department of architecture. In this commission us to elaborate without any commitment the estimate requested by the client and plan painstakingly each detail of the work in question.

In Serveis i Construcció Pratwill be able to hire our services with the tranquility to be in good hands. The commitment with our clients is something essential. Fulfil with the agreed date and try surpass always his expectations head our list of aims.

The confidence in Serveis i Construcció Prat is not something that ask, is something that have achieved by means of the work tenaz.
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